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We provide app development services across the iOS platform, all Apple devices including the iPhone and iPad, as well as web and desktop. Whilst we are traditionally iPhone developers, where clients require a complete solution including Android development we have a preferred supplier we work with. If you need iPhone developers, or indeed iPad or Android, please contact us for more information.

We love Apple devices, and some of the Android ones too, and that’s why we work with them. Every one of us owns at least one (and some of us up to five!) and we know them inside and out and that’s not just our iPhone developers! Because of this we can offer you our guidance on your next app development project even if you only want a feasibility study or design scope completed.



People want to engage. We design and develop custom apps which deliver the experience that users want and client needs. User centric, goal driven solutions for corporates and agencies.


Got an app already and looking to get it out into the world? We provide dedicated channels to take your product from machine to device without the hassle.


Technology doesn’t scare us, but bad experiences do. Many clients engage us to collaborate with their teams on strategy, creative technology and implimentation.


As app developers and consultants we have worked on iPhone and iPad apps for brands across retail, entertainment, music, gaming and media. Our clients sleePp soundly in SA, UK, Europe, the US and Australia.


step 1: concepts & strategy

This is the most important stage of the process. It enables us to fully understand what it is you want your app to achieve. Once the app’s concept is clear, we can decide on the overall strategy to ensure we have a clear plan and vision.

step 2: design & layout

We will work with you to create a number of functional designs for your app, including design and navigation, giving you a functional mock up of how your app will look and work once fully developed.

step 3: development

Once you are happy with the design and navigation of the app, we will begin to develop and code up the app itself. First we create the UI (Graphical User Interface) and work on the development of the core functionalities within the app.

step 4: testing

Testing is a key part of the process and is done after each core feature is completed. Testing in this way identifies any bugs or errors which can then be resolved stage by stage.

step 5: the launch

We are ready to launch the App! We offer a range of additional app marketing services including submitting your app to the relevant review stores, App Reviews, In-App Advertising, Pay Per Download, Social Media, Online Press Releases and much more.

step 6: support

We aim to give you all the support you need after your app is launched. We will fix any bugs, perform updates, revisions, maintenance and provide all statistics after your app has launched.

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